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Investment Analysis



Size Date User Guide Demo

Capital Budgeting

849k 1/9/2005 More
Worksheet to compute net present value, compare price and terms, evaluate IRR and MIRR for basic capital budgeting/investment analysis programs.

Grain Bin Analysis

742k 2/13/2008 More
Evaluates the feasibility of purchasing a grain bin.

Land Purchase Analysis

856k 8/25/2005 More
Calculates maximum bid prices for farmland and sensitivity to terms.

Lease vs. Purchase

894k 1/9/2005 More
Compares lease vs. purchase alternatives and calculates the terms to make the options equivalent in NPV.

Machinery Financing

807k 8/25/2005 More
Calculates annualized cash flows for different methods of financing machinery acquisitions.

MACRS Calculator

748k 1/9/2005 More
Calculates tax depreciation schedules for depreciable items.

Savings Calculator

846k 1/9/2005 More
Calculates how savings accumulates over time and the amount of savings needed to achieve specific targets.

Time Value Tools

868k 8/25/2005 More
Computes interest rate factors and solves basic time value of money problems.
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