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Soybean Rust Planning Tool (April 4, 2005)

Click here to download the Excel spreadsheet tool...

(Upon clicking the link above, you will be prompted 'Do you want to open or save this file?'. You can open it directly by clicking 'Open' or save it to your computer by clicking 'Save'. If you save it, be sure to direct it to a location where you can find it later. Upon opening the spreadsheet, you will be prompted regarding macros. Click 'Enable Macros'. The spreadsheet will then open for use.)

This spreadsheet model is intended to be used in as a supplement to FEFO 05-05 : A Soybean Rust Scenario: 2005 Crop Year Decision Making in Illinois.

The model allows the user to perform a sensitivity analysis of soybean rust impact for three acreage scenarios: traditional 50% corn - 50% soybeans (50:50), 100% corn (100:0) or 75% corn - 25% soybeans (75:25).

These three scenarios are defined by the tactics employed in the 2005 crop year. For 2004 and 2006, the model employs a 50:50 ratio for all three scenarios.

For guidance in selecting parameters, the user should see Figure 2 in the FEFO document mentioned above. Variables in the right quadrants are used in this model. You may generally consider price gaps, yield ratios and yield drag changes or spraying cost changes using the tool menu.

Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics    College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
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